5 Reasons Why Working in an Office is Beneficial for You

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5 Benefits of Working In An Office
5 Benefits of Working In An Office

While working from home has its advantages, people experience and receive numerous benefits when working from an office. In-person interactions, personalized workspaces, and water cooler conversations are just a few benefits that can enhance collaboration and boost creativity amongst employees. 

We’ve all spent months working from home and let’s be honest, we had become quite used to it. Working from home during the pandemic, with cozy attire, furry friends, and flexible schedules, brought unexpected positives.

Working from home certainly has some benefits to it, such as flexibility. Yet, these benefits pale in comparison to the advantages employees gain from working in an office setting.

Post-COVID, offices reopen, urging employees back to in-office work over remote options. According to a survey conducted by Gensler Research Institute in the US, 90% of employees say they want to go back to working in an office environment whether in a hybrid setup or permanent in-office. 

The importance of workspaces

In an office setting, personal face-to-face interactions are invaluable, highlighting the benefits over remote work. Offices are optimized for job performance, unlike remote environments.

Working from home can be stressful and foster a disconnect from the workplace, as the blurred lines between work and rest deprive individuals of true relaxation when needed.

And we have just begun listing these! Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits that can be advantageous to you if you decide to work from an office:

Embracing your work culture

Spending significant time away from the office and colleagues can naturally lead to a disconnect or reduced passion for your mission.

This does not happen when you work in an office. Think of it as a continuous cycle- offices inspire work culture, and culture impacts an employee’s well-being at work. By coming to the office regularly, you will feel a sense of belonging with the company and will genuinely feel that you are part of the team. This, in turn, increases your sense of purpose and motivates you to perform better to reach a common goal that is also shared amongst your colleagues.

As per research conducted by The Institute for Corporate Productivity, workplaces that produce the highest level of productivity have a well-practiced and team-oriented and collaborative work culture. That focuses on employee well-being and development and gets people together by strengthening the work relationships.

This is why it’s important for you to look for a work culture that would suit you and help you in your career development, growth and success. 

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Maintaining healthy work-life balance 

We’ve discovered interesting terms for two broad categories of employees:

  • Segmenters – Employees who keep their personal life and work separate.
  • Integrators – Employees who like to blend their personal lives with their work.

Segmenters, with their given quality of segmenting out their personal lives and work, are able to devote time and energy to their personal and professional lives, equally. This ability can be practiced through working from offices, where office being a space to work only, gives the employee a chance to mentally switch off the work mode and leave the office premises at the end of each day.

As an integrator employee, you’re likely passionate about your work and committed to delivering great results. However, it’s important to be mindful of maintaining a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout and maintain overall well-being. Remember, a healthy work-life balance is key to sustaining long-term success and happiness in both your personal and professional life.

Being able to switch off mentally from work helps reduce stress and promotes a healthy work-life balance that is only possible if you are working from an office, and not remotely. 

Increasing collaboration 

Professional roles today require you to have a high level of creativity and collaboration. Being physically present in an office gives you opportunities to interact personally with your colleagues and grow your network and connections. The famous water cooler conversations in offices are talked about for having a positive impact on employees.

Watercooler conversations are informal chats among colleagues in office spaces like around a water cooler. They allow face-to-face exchanges of thoughts and feelings.

Personal communication with colleagues strengthens connections, fostering social cohesion and enhancing office relationships. These connections contribute to a stronger work culture, promoting collaboration and creativity through team-building and brainstorming activities.

Facilitating tools and equipment to support your work

All you have to do is show up, step in your office space, and get started! Your office will provide you with all the tools and material that you require for you to work your professional magic. 

In an office, your comfort is paramount with ergonomic chairs, dynamic desks, and versatile seating options equipped with monitors and docking stations. Working remotely lacks these luxuries.

Boosting career development and relationships

Key to a successful organization is valuing and respecting employee contributions across all work settings. Naturally, an office-based employee garners more notice than a remote worker.

Being in the office makes you visible, and provides you with an opportunity to build your social capital. Physical presence enhances both career development and workplace relationships. Familiarity and personal, upfront face-to-face interactions increase acceptance and trust within your co-workers as empathy increases with personal meetups. 

Ready to jumpstart your in-office career?

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