What Is the Purpose of Company Values?

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Company Values
Company Values

Company values give purpose to an organization’s functions. They are the heart of your company, supporting your company’s vision. They are the leading principles of a company that reflect its brand and culture, supporting the company’s vision.

It’s like getting through the day, without knowing what you need to do. Or on a larger scale, spending every day of your life without having a clear idea of your life goal. It’s the essentials that count. And similarly, for an organization to flourish, essentials matter the most as well. 

These essentials can be classified as company values. 

Values are the backbone of an organization. They are what makes a company known for what it is. Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect the brand of your company. The overall identity of an organization is based on these values, as they help create an underlying purpose, improve team cohesion, and instill a sense of commitment in the workplace. 

In essence, your company values determine the beliefs, philosophies, and principles of your business. Let’s take a look at some of benefits of laying down some basic yet strong company values:

  • Distinguish your company’s brand

Every company is unique. And when a company shows that it cares about its business, it can stand out and distinguish itself from competitors. This, in turn, puts an impression on the clients, potential customers, and employees, creating a powerful impact in the marketplace.

  • Improve recruiting decisions

People love to be a part of an organization whose core values align with their own. When companies clearly outline their core values, you tend to attract and reach out to the like-minded people who fit well with the company culture. With hiring the right talent, meaning people who can relate to the company’s core values personally, there will be enhanced productivity and integrity, indicating that even in a tough situation, employees would stick together abiding by the company values.

  • Shape organizational culture

When companies stick to their values and hire and operate abiding by those, it sets the tone for what type of work environment they offer. This helps a company to operate and perform at a high level even when circumstances, employees, and leadership changes.

  • Help teams make the right decision

Company core values help in business-oriented decisions. When the core values are truly ingrained in every aspect of your business, every decision will be made with the purpose of reaching a satisfactory goal. Additionally, company values also help teams make decisions where every work that they deliver demonstrates a side of the company value that they stand by.

VAI Values: What we stand by

At VAI, we care about giving our employees everything they need to perform their best. 

Our goal is to transform our clients’ ideas into successful projects, with the help of our core company values.

Values that make us who we are:


We are a successful team when we merge our skills and knowledge to work towards a common goal. By working together, we find unique perspectives, which increases our innovation and ability to problem-solve.


When we are accountable, we are all responsible for our actions, behaviors, performance, and decisions. By showing ownership, we form trust between people. Less micromanaging, better performance.


Being able to adapt is the skill of being flexible and able to change to become successful, to quickly learn and unlearn new behaviors. This is essential for maintaining a goal-oriented perspective in any situation.


No individual is more important than anyone else. One of our responsibilities is to feel and show respect for our customers, our team, our vendors, and our community. We respect the rules and regulations created in the workplace in order to keep things harmonious.


We should not passively observe what is happening, but be willing to commit to the work process and seek out opportunities. We share ideas and show commitment through action, with a solution-oriented mindset, and the desire to achieve excellence.


The key to achieving long-term success is passion. Passion gives us the determination to face all the challenges that might come between us and our goals; it ignites our creativity and sparks innovation. Our passion makes us persistent.

Together, we take charge. Together, we impact the world at VAI!

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